Apartments in hong kong/china when things goes wrong(The classics : the air conditionner)

You want to live in china? Good!!! If you think finding a good apartment is easy think again.

In this post we are going to see one of the very classics flaws we find in about 70% of the apartments you’ll visit no matter how much you pay whether less than 1000$ or more than 5000$.

And we begin this series with the very classic the air conditioner. In china and especially when leaving in a humid area those can be leaking like crazy!

First thing, ask for electricity to be turned on then use the air conditioner. First check the noise! It can be really bad! Second you can try to check if it leaks but just in 5 to 10 minutes it’s going to be very unlikely that you find one. So here are the tips to detect it.

 Check the wall under the air conditioner. If it’s wallpaper, check if just the portion below the air conditioner has been replaced(quite common). If it’s a painted wall then check that that wall specifically has not been repainted recently. Check the bottom of the walls, if there are some wooden baseboards and check if they are swollen.

If there is only one leak in the kitchen that is bad then you can maybe just use it for negotiation, but if all of them seems to be in pretty bad shape you might want to runaway!

This is it for today, do not hesitate to share your own experiences or comments below!

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