Negotiating the apartment lease in china (The basics)

When you’ll be arriving one of the first things you’ll have to do will be to find an apartment. Chatting with your colleagues you’ll see that they tried to negotiate the rent, some will have done quite well -30%, some exceptionally well -50% and a lot of them poorly -10%.

In this post we will cover the basics for looking at an apartment, but before going further please take a look at the posts named “Apartments in china when things goes wrong”.

So first visit as many apartments as possible and check the prices for the rents in areas of interest. The first thing you’ll notice is depending on the agency the price can be quite different and when I say quite different it’s not 10% it can be twice the price for the same apartment! By using different agencies or contacts to check for a rent in a specific location you’ll be having a good idea of the minimum price for an apartment that looks good for you.

Without trying to hard when you have an apartment you really like you can take the minimum price you computed earlier and add -10% and without any resistance the Landlord will most likely say yes!

Ok in this post we have been able to get -10% on an apartment we liked but compared to some of our colleagues it was on the minimum price we have computed, so depending on the agencies you might have saved easily 30% of the price.

But hey we are just checking the basics right, so wait for the next posts and you’ll see how to get -20, -30% from the minimum price!!!

This is it for today, do not hesitate to share your own experiences or comments below! If you liked this article you can help by liking this article using the social network bar below.

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