Negotiating the apartment lease (Tips and tricks part 1)

In china negotiation is like a big battle, you can find it tough at the beginning when you will live in china, but you will have to get used to it because believe me you will have to do it a lot.

In this post we are going to give you a few tips you must know when you’ll be visiting an apartment.

When negotiating it’s good to not have your hands tied. So my very first recommendation is that you need to find at least 2 apartments where you would like to live in. When it’s done try to negotiate first on the one you like a little bit less and be very aggressive on it with the negotiations.

Be careful sometime the agents/landlord will tell you that some guys have visited the apartments in the morning and they are almost ready to rent it. Just ignore this that might be 10% true, but even worse if you try to negotiate you’ll be in a very hard position, sure you’ll get 10% but more is going to be very unlikely. Of course the apartment is nice and as it’s empty it’s completely normal that some other people said they might consider moving in, but it might be the 10th apartment they thought so!

Sometimes the landlord won’t lower the price of his rent even if his price is 50% higher than the rest of the market. No matter how nice you think the apartment is you should be able to find something similar somewhere else. Some people are ready to wait for the guy who is going to pay and even if they don’t find it they think that the value of their apartment is going to go up and they’ll be able to sell it with the profit(they have been quite right for the moment).

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