Apartments in china when things goes wrong(The classics : insulation)

You want to live in china? Nice!!! If you think finding a good apartment is easy think again.

In this posts we are going to see the very classics flaws we find in about 70% of the apartments you’ll visit no matter how much you pay whether less than 1000$ or more than 5000$.

And today we continue this series with the very classic insulation. In china and especially in regions susceptible to typhoons you should pay extra attention to insulation.

When you ‘ll move to china ask your colleagues if they had any problem with their apartments. And I would say that 5 to 20% depending on the region you lived in have experienced some water coming inside the apartment during heavy rain.

The first thing to check will be the windows and its joints, very very often the windows are thin and you can very easily hear things outside the apartment. Check for the joints.

Other than the “discomfort” of raining inside the apartment bad isolation also equals higher expenses for electricity for heating or cooling the apartment.

You should also check the entry door, to see if air is coming from the outside. Check for outside fans, and if they can be protected in case of a typhoon.

You can also check for wall insulation as you wouldn’t like to hear your neighbor’s favorite TV show, although I would like to say that usually the wall is usually pretty thick for an apartment above 1000$.

This is it for today, do not hesitate to share your own experiences or comments below! If you liked this article you can help by liking this article using the social network bar below.

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