Negotiating the apartment lease (Tips and tricks part 2)

If like me in your own country you just took a quick look around and saw how everything was nice, then you’ll have to really follow the following steps, because in a lot of apartments you’ll visit there can be some big flaws!

To check what those flaws are take a look at the posts “Apartments in china when things goes wrong”. When you found them you can either decide to discard the apartment or use them as a way of negotiating. For example you have been able to see that one of the air conditioner is leaking, that windows glasses are quite thin… For each disagreement apply a basic -5% or -10%.

If the flaws are too big, you can also ask during the negotiation that the landlord makes the necessary fixes. But be VERY VERY careful, it’s not rare that the landlord will just use a quick way to fix the problem but it doesn’t. Let’s take the classical air conditioner leaking problem.  He will remove the dust, do a quick test and will see that during one hour no leak have been observed problem solved. But when you use it, after 30 minutes the air conditioner is starting to leak. There can be many reasons for that heat and humidity can increase the risk for an air conditioner to leak!

The best thing you can do is to ask things to be renewed, most of the persons we know who tried to negotiate a fix where seeing the same problems other and other.

Sometime the landlord will say ok go with the agent and buy anything you want in the low range category of a certain shop. But sometimes even the low range of the shop will be too expensive for him and you’ll have to either pay a higher rent or pay partly for the item. From our experience, this kind of attitude is not looking very good, when a small problem arise in the future you’ll have some very hard times to have the Landlord make the necessary reparations.

This is it for today, do not hesitate to share your own experiences or comments below! If you liked this article you can help by liking this article using the social network bar below.

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