Apartments in china when things goes wrong(tap water)

You want to live in china? Nice!!! If you think finding a good apartment is easy think again.

In this posts we are going to see the very classics flaws we find in about 5% of the apartments.

And today we continue this series with the very classic tap water. As you probably already know it’s not recommended to drink the tap water of your apartments. Especially if you are from Europe or America, the bacteria’s present in Hong Kong’s water is different and your body can handle it very nicely or not.

But the problem is not if you can drink the water or not but more if it’s transparent or not(yellow/brown). This is a very difficult thing to check as it might not happen on the day you visit the apartment. You can still though check for the state of the water pipes, but it might not be enough.

To reduce the risks you can also avoid buildings older  or that have not been renovated since 30years. Asks your colleagues living nearby the apartments where you want to live if they have already encountered such problem.

This is it for today, do not hesitate to share your own experiences or comments below! If you liked this article you can help by liking this article using the social network bar below.

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